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A source of professional consulting services for the manufacturing sector, based on engineering and philosophical disciplines, including:

Fellow of ASM International

Debbie Aliya, inducted as a Fellow of ASM International on October 1, 2019, in Portland, OR.

Failure Analysis

     Investigation Planning to give you the most for your investment
     Close up Photography/ Macrofractography
     Scanning Electron Microscopy/ Microfractography
     Full Metallography Lab
     Variety of Hardness Tests
     NDT and Other Mechanical Testing Services Available

Special Services for Design Engineers.....

     Characterization of (Prototype) Structural Components/ Assemblies
          Mechanical Properties
          Chemical Analysis Services Available
     Research for Patent Support
     Failure Prevention for Structural Components
     D-FMEA and P-FMEA Team Support

Thinking Skill Optimization Training

     Accelerated Learning Method Training
     Creative and Critical Thinking Tools

Special Services for Quality and Manufacturing Engineers

     Laboratory Support for Metalworking and Heat Treating Process Optimization
     Contamination Source Identification (Many test methods available}
     Failure Prevention for Manufacturing Processes
     Adhesive Process Evaluation and Troubleshooting
     Quality Audit Team Support/ PFMEA Team Support
     Evaluation of Coatings
     Laboratory Personnel Training

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