To know truly is to know by causes. --Francis Bacon

i n Why i to the n?

If you remember from algebra, i is the square root of negative one. And they told us it was an "irrational" number. I guess that the mathematicians realized that "irrational" had some negative connotations, so they also call those irrational numbers "complex" numbers. Not that that sheds any more light for those of us who do not easily see the relationships revealed by complex numbers... I never did understand that stuff in high school, but since then I have certainly had some experiences that have defied anything resembling "rational" explanation. But it was clear that these experiences were IMPORTANT and SIGNIFICANT. One of my friends suggested the term "super rational." I liked it immediately. So, if we go back to the n part of the i to the n, we see that if n is 1, then i to the n is i, and thus i to the n is super rational. On the other hand, if n is zero, then i to the n is 1. And if n is some odd number other than 1, then i to the n is some other complex or {super rational) number. And finally, if n is an even number, then i to the n is a regular, rational number less than zero. So, with the simple two digit expression, very concise, very precise, we have a representation of the whole of reality, in its physical and mystical forms.

i n thus also represents all that we need to accomplish anything we can accomplish. For all potential is made up of that which is or that which can be, whether we can explain it or not. Engineering and human activities have always gone on with a blend of the rational and the super rational. The creative process has to start with an idea which, if we are honest and diligent in researching the source of the idea, we almost always have to admit IS NOT ENTIRELY NEW. But our mind acted on pre-existing knowledge in a new way, and then pure rational planning and action are required to implement it or allow it to manifest in the physical world. Some ideas are probably best off left in the realm of the super rational!

Most engineers are afraid to acknowledge the super rational element of our work. That is too bad, because the super rational is usually the most interesting part of life! And what is super rational today sometimes becomes rational after we think about it enough. But there will always be relationships that we mere humans do not understand, and that will be the realm of the super rational, i to the n where n is odd.

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